Goudsmit & Goldschmidt -- a geneasequel - Person Sheet
Goudsmit & Goldschmidt -- a geneasequel - Person Sheet
NamePhilip-Barend b’ Abraham Polak
Birth21 Feb 1812, Rotterdam
Death8 Jul 1890, Rotterdam
Memoage 78
FatherAbraham b’ Jeremias Polak (1769-1845)
Birth1812, Dordrecht
Death6 Aug 1844, Rotterdam
Marriage7 Jan 1835, Dordrecht
ChildrenRoosje b’ Philip-Barend (Died as Infant) (1837-1838)
 daughter of Philip-Barend (Stillborn) (1840-1840)
 daughter of Philip-Barend (Stillborn) (1843-1843)
 daughter of Philip-Barend (Stillborn) (1844-1844)
BirthOct 1824, Belgium, Gent
Death18 Jul 1865, Rotterdam
Memoage 40y 9m
FatherJacob b’ Abraham de Jongh (1792-1835)
Marriage22 May 1850, Rotterdam
Notes for Philip-Barend b’ Abraham Polak
also stated as Philippus-Bernardus Polak
[NB: the 5 brothers Polak married 6 sisters van Goch, in Dordrecht and Rotterdam -- three marriages were on the same day -- and besides: the brides and grooms were eachothers cousins]
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