Goudsmit & Goldschmidt -- a geneasequel - Person Sheet
Goudsmit & Goldschmidt -- a geneasequel - Person Sheet
NameBarend b’ Samuel Goudsmit
Birthabt 1730, Amsterdam?
Deathaft 1807, Amsterdam?
Birth1726, Amsterdam?
Death26 Jul 1816, Amsterdam
Memoage 90 (probably she was younger)
ChildrenAbraham b’ Barend (1760-1834)
 Betje b’ Barend (1772-1846)
 Sara b’ Barend (1779-1849)
Notes for Barend b’ Samuel Goudsmit
He (Barend/Baruch b’ Samuel/Zanwil) and his wife Anna b’ Abraham may also be the parents of Meijer Barend Tellinghuis (or Telghuis or Snekkel) and Heintje Barend Tellinghuis (cf website Dutchjewry.org), but there are some conflicting facts.

[further research in due time: possible other daughter:]
[?] # Vrouke b’ Barend Goudsmit (b. abt 1752, d. 25.3.1830 Amsterdam), married to Hartog Mozes Perels (abt 1758-1820)
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