Goudsmit & Goldschmidt -- a geneasequel - Person Sheet
Goudsmit & Goldschmidt -- a geneasequel - Person Sheet
NameMozes b’ Naftali Hartog (Deen)
Birthabt 1730, D?
Death2 Dec 1779, Oisterwijk
Birth1735, D, Ertel near Hammelburg
Death5 Dec 1820, Tilburg
ChildrenSimon b’ Mozes (1763-1832)
 Clara b’ Mozes (1769-1849)
 Abraham b’ Mozes (1772-1864)
 Joseph b’ Mozes (1779-1845)
Notes for Mozes b’ Naftali Hartog (Deen)
his eldest son adapts the surname Hartog — the other children the surname Deen.
He or his wife may be related to the family Deen in Hoorn, name adapted in 1813 by Abraham Wolf Deen (b. ca 1740 Amsterdam, d. 4.3.1831 Hoorn, age 91) and/or to the Rabbi Abraham Isaac van Deen (b. 1760 in Kopenhagen, d. 11.1.1821 Groningen)
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