Goudsmit & Goldschmidt -- a geneasequel - Person Sheet
Goudsmit & Goldschmidt -- a geneasequel - Person Sheet
NameLeib/ Loew b’ Maier [Paulus] Oppenheim Worms [Renatus] z Rindsfuss
Birthabt 1512, D, Frankfurt?
Memo? -- or was he from an earlier marriage?
Death1574, D, Mainz
Marr Memoor 1530 [ET]
Notes for Leib/ Loew b’ Maier [Paulus] Oppenheim Worms [Renatus] z Rindsfuss
Houses “roter Hirsch”, “grüner Schild” (1534), “Rindsfuss” (1537), later in Mainz
[not to be confused with his namesake and contemporary Leib b’ NN Oppenheim Worms (d. before 1573), nicknamed ‘Rabbi Judel’ who also had been living in the house “Hirsch” [cf ET], but whose father’s name is unknown — In many genealogies [e.g: Wikipedia] the two Leibs are stated as brothers, which seems rather unusual; in fact only explicable if one of them is Maier’s stepson who coming as a young child in the family got the name Oppenheim— JG]
17.2.1538 Frankfurt: He and his daughter are Baptised — their christian names becoming Paulus and Elisabeth Renatus. His (first) wife lives seperated — Since 1541 he’s been remarried three times to christian wives. [details cf ET]
1537-1542 Disputes with his (non-baptised) relatives
[cf details enumerated in Ele Toldot (ET), on the hausblat “Rindsfuss”]
1540 and 1542 Imprisonments with offences against property
1556-1557 acts concerning his pull-out from Frankfurt
He has moved to Mainz and dies there as a saloonkeeper
His 4 children from the various christian marriages :
# Johann Renatus
# Jakob Renatua
# Heinrich Renatus
# Peter Renatus
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