Goudsmit & Goldschmidt -- a geneasequel - Person Sheet
Goudsmit & Goldschmidt -- a geneasequel - Person Sheet
NameJozzel/ Josef-Aron b’ Moshe Ammersweiler z Vogelgesang
Birthabt 1580, D, Frankfurt
Death10 Oct 1662, D, Frankfurt
BurialFrankfurt (Battonnstrasse)
Memonot in Epidat
Birthabt 1580, D, ?
Deathabt 1620, D, Frankfurt?
Marriage1599, D, Frankfurt
Marr MemoET
ChildrenGutle b’ Jozzel (~1600-)
Birthabt 1580, D, Frankfurt
Death2 Jan 1662, D, Frankfurt
BurialFrankfurt (Battonnstrasse) (ffb-0813)
Marriageabt 1652, D, Frankfurt
Notes for Jozzel/ Josef-Aron b’ Moshe Ammersweiler z Vogelgesang
Parnas, Gove
son of Moshe b’ Gershel Ammersweiler z weissen Taube z Vogelgesang (d. 10.8.1583) & Fraidlin b’ Awraham? (d. ca 1619)
House “Vogelgesang”
NB: deducing from the death year of his father as well as his first marriage year, Jozzel must have become over 80 years, allthough in the burial register he seems is not to be stated as “alte” (old) [cf ET]
He was married 4 times: &1 (in 1599) to Judlin b’ ? (d. ?), &2 Frommet b’ ? (d. 20.5.1638), &3 Edel b’ Shalom Mordechai (d. 1.7.1651) and &4 Gutlen b’ Maier z roten Hut (d. 2.1.1662)
# Gutle b’ Josef z Vogelgesang (d ?) >>
# the Gove Moshe b’ Josef Ammersweiler z Vogelgesang (d 15.1.1674), married (1619, dowry Fl 1000,—) to Hendle/Hännle b’ Shimshon v Kirchhain (d. 2.3.1672) — no children mentioned [cf ET]
# Fraiel/Fraidle b’ Josef z Vogelgesang (d. 18.2.1707), married to “der alte” Awrom b’ Jozbel Wetzlar z roten Turm (d. 19.5.1711) — 2 children [cf ET]
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