Goudsmit & Goldschmidt -- a geneasequel - Person Sheet
Goudsmit & Goldschmidt -- a geneasequel - Person Sheet
NameMostel/ Mosse/ Moshe b’ Josef Schaffhausen Goldschmidt segal mi Nürnberg z goldenen Schwan
Birthbef 1445, Switzerland, Schaffhausen?
Death29 May 1531, D, Frankfurt
BurialFrankfurt (Battonnstrasse) (ffb-506)
OccupationMerchant, Goldsmith
Birthbef 1445, D?
Deathbef 1515, D, ?
Marriagebef 1460, Nürnberg ?
ChildrenJosef b’ Mostel (Married >) (?1470-1550)
 Maier b’ Mostel (Married >) (~1470-1495)
 Isaac/ Eisek/ Jizchak b’ Mostel (Married >) (~1480-1559)
Birthabt 1470, D, Nürnberg?
Memorough estimate
Deathbef 1520, D, Mainz?
Memorough estimate
Children* Gotta b’ ? (Tentative Link) (~1495-)
 Shprintz b’ Moshe (Married >) (~1510-~1579)
Birthabt 1480, D, Frankfurt
Deathaft 1540, D, Frankfurt
MemoET: ca 1540 [but 1540 is the last year she was mentioned on a list]
BurialFrankfurt (Battonnstrasse)
Marriageabt 1520, D, Frankfurt
Marr Memocf ET
Notes for Mostel/ Mosse/ Moshe b’ Josef Schaffhausen Goldschmidt segal mi Nürnberg z goldenen Schwan
also mentioned as Moise, Mausche or Moses
23.03.1461 Nürnberg ®46 — Right of Residence: “Mosse von Schaffhausen ist burger worden und gibt jerlich 20 gulden werung zu zinns……..” , his first time entry in Taxbook, Zsb II-27, cf ®27 ®31 [Question remains: was it by then that he came from Schaffhausen or was his family allready living in Nürnberg? — ®34]
[Probably a brother of Mostel is: Smohel/Shemuel mi Schaffhausen, who obtained the Right of Nürnberg Residence in 1464; he was son-in-law of Meir b’ Benjamin (Pymans) —
Later Registrations of Mostel/Mosse in Nürnberg Archives (a.o.):
> in Taxbook II-32v — Furthermore
> Between 1478 and 1486 many times mentioned in the Ratsbuch (Council Book) concerning the “Häuteaffaire” in connection with the arrest in 1478 of Salman von Schaffhausen, domiciled in Weissenburg ®46 [who might be an other brother of Mostel]
>1489, März 14, on a List of jewish families and their guests who were present in the Synagogue, in total 75 names ®46 (p92/94) on 17th place he is mentioned as just “Mostel”.
> 1490, may 17 — [while the situation of the jewish inhabitants of Nürnberg had become more and more restricted and they all were forbidden to work any longer with gold and silver, just one exception was made for Mosse von Schaffhausen and his family:] His sons Maier and Jizchak were permitted to continue their apprenticeship in the Goldsmith trade [cf: Ratsbuch p 137v — also ®46 p 309]
> 1490, sept 28 — “….dem Mostel Juden ist vergönndt, seinen handel in das goldsmid werck treffende, wie er den bissher geubt hatt, lenger zu treyben, …. [cf: Ratsbuch p 152v — also ®46 p 309]
> 1498 [quote from “Geschichte der Juden in Nürnberg” ®31, p82/83: he is mentioned on place number 1 amongst the 16 representants of the jewish community, being on 31.10.1498 summoned in the Townhall’s Courtroom to receive the King’s order that all jewish families were expelled from the town: “Mosse von Schaffhausen, Isaak Staffelsteiner, Schmohel, Salman der Pessin Sohn, die Gebrüder Mosse, Mardochäus und Johel Mair, letzterer mit seinem Weib Tutschlein und seinem Eidam Feufuß (Feufeß), Hirß Mair, Alexander, Mair
Firschler, Isaak Mosse, der Schulklopfer Israel, Jakob, des Benedikt Witwe Birlin”
> 1499 the Jews having got by mercy several times of postponent, the definitive deadline to leave the town was march 10th ®31
Expelled from Nürnberg the Jewish families seem to have split up and dispersed, wandering from town to town.
> 1515 Moshe acquires the “Judenbürgerschaft” in Mainz, together with his (2nd?) wife, his son Isaak and his son-in-law Lasar ®48 (p. 312)
> 1522 (or 1519) he moves to Frankfurt and marries (3rd?) to the widow Beile/Bela b’ Nathan k”ts z goldenen Schwan, acquiring “Stättigkeit” [= his right of Residence]

Identifying (some of) his children via data from several sources
®31, ®32, ®46, as well es many from Ele Toldot ®27
# Maier/Meir (born abt 1470, d. abt 1495) — >1486 Febr 14: he becomes taxpaying resident ®46, and is also registered in Taxbook II-34v —
>1489 on the List of jewish families present in the synagogue he is mentioned (on place 5): “Mair Mostels sun” ®46
> 1495 März 12: after his death his brother Ysaac is replacing him as taxpaying resident ®46 >>
# Ysaac/ Aizek/ Jizchak (born abt 1480, d. 1559) —
> 1489 on the List of jewish families present in the synagogue (on place 47): “Isack, ein Knab, des Mostels Sun”. In the Ratsbuch of 1489 (137v) he was mentioned as (learning) goldsmith.
> 1495 he is first time registered in Taxbook [II-34v], replacing his deceased brother Mair.
Later in Frankfurt he is stated as Isaak Aschaffenburg z Einhorn >>
# a daughter NNa (born abt 1455?) — she was married to Gyhiel [= Jechiel] who was mentioned as son-in-law of Mostel in the year when he became resident — also registered in Taxbook II-30v — They were not on the List of jewish families dd 1489.
# a daughter NNb (born abt 1465?) — married to Israel Regenspurg who was registered the first time in 1486 (Taxbook II-34v) and mentioned on the List of jewish families dd 1489, on 67th place, as “Israhel ein burger, ist de Mostels aiden” (son-in-law of Mostel). He was mentioned again in 1495 (Taxbook II-27) — nov 1498 Israel was not in town, while the house he owned was occupied by his father-in-law Mosse. ®31
## Israel — a grandson (Enkel) of Mostel — but it is not clear who were his parents. [NB: he might be the same as the Israel, son-in-law of Johel Mair, cf 1497 Taxbook II-33v].
Other children mentioned in Ele Toldot or elsewhere, but not (yet) found in Nürnberg sources:
# Josef (b. abt 1470?, d. 1550) — He is not mentioned in the Nürnberg Councilbooks. As he has the same given name as his grandfather, it might be assumed that he was the eldest son of Mostel. If so he may have left Nürnberg young, long before his family had to. The other (less plausible) option might be that he was younger than his brothers, born not earlier than 1485, and as a child still too young to be mentioned in the Town books. In the current stage of genealogical research I’m following the first option.
Josef is mentioned as goldsmith working in Schwarzach ®48, who in 1542/43, together with his brother Isaak, living in Aschaffenburg, tried to recover their claims against a citizen of Hanau.
Josef must have been in regular contact with his family, his father and his brother Isaak. And it seems that during some periods he was staying in the region of Frankfurt, where he was mentioned already in 1524 as the father of a converted son in Würzburg ®27, while in the Frankfurt administration of the year 1550 was set down that Isaak Aschaffenburg had become the Guardian of his brother Josef’s Children [cf ET ®27]
# a daughter NNc (b. abt 1495?) — she was married to Lasar, who is mentioned as being in 1515 a son-in law of Mostel in Mainz ®48
# ? Gotta (b. abt 1495?) — she and her husband Itzig b’ NN kats z Korb are only once mentioned in Ele Toldot, namely as being the parents of the Rabbi Alexander/Senderlein b’ Itzig k”ts Goldschmidt z Korb — her parents are unknown, but she might be a daughter of Mostel — which would provide a most plausible explication of how her son Alexander was (in the Frankfurt registers) named Goldschmidt, although being a cohen, and not a levi. [cf his Recordsheet for other and further hypothetical explanations]
# Shprintz (b. abt 1510?, d. ca 1579) — likely a daughter of Mostel’s second wife [cf] — she was married to Josef/Jossel b’ David z gldn Schwan [named Goldschmidt] ®27 >>
NB: Quotes dd 1524 and 1548 [Kracauer II, p288 ®32 — mentioned in a summary of trades practised by occupants of the “Judengasse”:] “…..den Goldschmidt Moses (Mosse), der zu grossen Wohlstand gelangt war [Ugb. E56.F1], und der Goldschmidt Joseph, der ein Kunstwerker von Ruf gewesen sein muss, da Kaiser Karl V. selbst beim Rate wegen dessen Aufnahme in die Stättigkeit verwandte [Bürgemeisterbuch vom 6 März 1548]” [This said Joseph was Moshe’s grandson Juspa b’ Isak Goldschmidt Aschaffenburg mi Ostheim z Pfau (d. 16.12.1556) — cf]

Moshe died 29.5.1531 in Frankfurt. On the well-known Cemetery at the Battonstrasse still is his Tombstone — with the epitaph ®29 ®30:
פה נטמן איש
נאמן ר׳ משה ב״ר
יוסף הלוי ז״ל ׃ הנ
פטר יום ג׳ י״ג סיון
רצ״א תנצב״ה א״ס
Hier ist geborgen ein Mann, verläßlich,
Herr Mosche, Sohn des Herrn Josef Halevi
sein Andenken zum Segen,
verschieden Tag 3, 13. Sivan 291.
Seine Seele sei eingebunden in das Bündel des Lebens.
Amen Sela

[thanks to: http://www.steinheim-institut.de/cgi-bin/epidat?id=ffb-506 ®30]

[NB: The exact relations between some of the first Generations are based upon scarce information and are often worked out in just a reasonable assumption — JG]

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